Local Artist Program

Beneficence of Wonder
A Show of Horns, Hooves, Honey & Grace
Show runs until March 31, 2023

Robyn Thayer has been making the world a more appealing place as a beauty maker and story teller since her first smile. Her maternal grandmother was instrumental in developing Robyn as a crafter and her paternal grandmother taught her how to dig into the Earth. Following suit, her mother and father provided her respectively with glue, wiggly eyes, dirt, and seeds.Growing up in the magical woods and waters of the Northern Midwest, much of her childhood was spent in her fabulous imaginary world, either at her crafting table or outside, in a boat, fort, or flower bed -where dreams, sky, and wind all caressed her with their lavish secrets and plans. Today she still spends her summers next to a Wisconsin lake where much of her imagery comes from, while digging her hands into the natural world and playing all summer long. Winters are spent on a Mountaintop in her Colorado studio, translating her summer treasures into paint.Her art education is informal and profuse; a daily act. Robyn is a prolific artist and she has a wide array of interests such as, quilting, embroidery, poetry, meditation, and gardening, which feed her painting style. Robyn’s favorite artwork is large in scale and she prefers to use acrylics, water-soluble graphite and crayons, to create representational, contemporary abstract paintings. In this way she is able to convey a dreamlike quality- reflecting the innocence and grandeur of where the private inner world and the wild outside meet.

View Thayer's work at https://www.robynthayer.com.

Hotel Teatro will feature Robyn Thayer's work until March 31, 2023

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