The Passport Program rolls out seasonally themed guides that encourage curious imbibers, both local and foreign, to venture their way through the states capital. This pocket-sized adviser features a multitude of destinations curated by a team of local beverage-obsessed individuals.

For someone new to the city of Denver, this can be an absolute blast of a way to learn their way around. This works equally as well for locals who have lived here for years but never knew that The Way Back in Berkeley has some of the best Rum Daiquiris or that Woods Boss Brewing Company in Five Points has some of the highest ABV draft beers. This is a stunning way to save a few bucks and have a good time doing it. The journey may be chilly but the companionship is always warm.

With over 60 establishments to choose from, the process of picking one for the evening may be a bit overwhelming. We've a list of our favorite go to spots.

Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club (Rino Art District)

What are we drinking? - Winter’d Sazeracs – A close cousin to the Old Fashioned, the Sazerac has been kicking around one form or another since 1840. A well-made Rye Sazerac is indeed a tasty thing, full of spice and depth that some would describe as smooth and brash. Predominately composed of Rye and Cognac, the bartender adds a couple dashes of Angosture and Peychaud’s bitters, paying homage to its New Orleans roots. The Winter’d Sazeracs is the perfect cocktail for this swanky jazz bar. The venue is acoustically designed and is a host to artists in residency looking to explore and study the genre of jazz. This old-school approach to programming combines the unique opportunity to hone one’s craft with regular stage time, while also establishing an elevated rapport with Denver music fans.

The Nickel (LoDo)

What are we drinking? - Standard Rock Manhattan – The foodie scene in Denver Colorado is having quite the moment right now and nothing is more stylish and low-lit than The Nickel. Located inside The Hotel Teatro, this New American restaurant features an extensive menu, both of food and beverage. The Standard Rock Manhattan is barrel aged and one of The Nickel’s top ordered items. And for very good reason, the bartender uses the sophisticated and the contemporary flair of the Four Roses Bourbon. Providing a smooth and mellow base with the ever so glossy Dolin Rouge Vermouth pairing. The two most common factors of any Manhattan is complimented with the house brandied cherries and ‘Hair of the Dog’ bitters. This is a must have drink for a must stop in place. My recommendation, hang out in the study and soak in the feel of the rustic design.

Improper City (Rino)

What are we drinking? - Bulletproof Coffee – Calling all early birds. Let’s get caffeinated at this full service espresso shop. Serving the highest-quality of sustainably sourced beans. Bulletproof Coffee is not your average latte. The name is bold and so is the coffee. This is a high-performance drink that has a massive impact on your energy levels and cognitive function. It’s not just coffee, Bulletproof is a mixture of MCT oil, a very high value of natural fats, and grass-fed unsalted butter. Blended together, this coffee has the froth of a vanilla latte but no negative calories. It’s great for health concession individuals. You can enjoy it at the bar, on a couch, bean bag, one of their standard office desk, or my favorite, a swinging chair from the roof. This venue has it all. Improper City is situated on the 32nd block off Walnut Street offering an 8,000 square-foot indoor space. Art work decors the walls, headlining many local artists. There is no need to step outside to make a call, Improper features a soundproof phone booth with comfortable seating. I can guarantee Denver does not have a space similar to this one. Calling in every member of any crowd to come in, hang out, and fit right in.