Milk Market

The name is genius. Located in the historic Dairy Block, the Milk Market is just one street east of Union Station and three south of Coors Field. The idea is to offer a local dine-in and take-away concept to travelers as well as locals near the unique micro-district. This sleek and present day establishment has hit the neighborhood by storm. It’s the liveliest of all food halls; after looking up to a ceiling of mirrors, you can’t help but feel the energetic vibes. The visual aesthetics are also a large attraction for the Milk Market - with lights built into the ground, glow is brought to your every step. This place will brighten up anyone’s day. The mood of each room is celebration. There is 16 venues total and a multitude of sitting areas. This could be the perfect low-key date spot. If I’m in the area, I’m going to the Milk Market.


If you were to look up the definition of Sunday Funday, you would find a photo of a rooftop patio. More than likely that photo would have been taken at Avanti’s Food & Beverage. The agenda here is simple; you roll in with a group of friends, find a comfy spot and indulge in what the city has to offer. I would suggest sitting outside on the second level where the view scopes over downtown. It’s a beautiful place to be, but it’s packed pretty tight. However, having no room to move makes it very easy to slip into a neighbor’s conversation - now two groups of friends just became one group of friends. It’s an amazing place to be if you are newly transplanted to the state. Located in the LoHI area, this food hall was one of the first in the city. People have and will come from every direction to eat, drink, and relax at Avanti’s.

The Source

Intricate is how you could describe this space. It is a massive complex specializing in design, hospitality, retail, and culinary exploration. The former Iron Foundry features 13 independent food and retail vendors, a couple breweries, and a rooftop pool with a gorgeous panoramic view built into a boutique hotel. It’s a modern and sleek structure that blends both rustic and industrial characteristics. Metal frames border each door matching the rafters draping from the 60’ ceiling. This gives the interior a spacious feel. Occupying that space you will find locals tarrying around. Some will be behind their laptops, others enjoying the company of their friends or collages. It’s perfect for that edgy business meeting you’ve been wanting to schedule. This building from the 1880’s is nothing fancy but will leave you with feeling you have found a hidden gem. The Source would impress anyone.