Denver Date Night - Speakeasy Scavenger Hunt

Denver Date Night Idea - Speakeasy Scavenger Hunt // Melissa Gassien //Guest Experience Manager

As the GEM (Guest Experience Manager) of Hotel Teatro, my job is to make sure hotel guests and locals alike take advantage of all the amenities offered at our property and provide the inside scoop on all the fun Denver has to offer. Having officially been in the Mile High City for more than a year now, I can honestly say that one of my favorite things to share is the plethora of options nearby for the perfect date night by our hotel near Capitol Hill, Denver. Whether it’s a first date with all the accompanying jitters or a city staycation away from home, let us help you celebrate the special occasion. Here’s one of my “knock your socks off” date ideas that are sure to make any couple kanoodling by the end of the night!

Don your dapper Mad-Men style garb and worm your way into some of Denver’s hottest little known spots. Denver may be known for its hundreds of local breweries, but we’re also host to some of the best cocktails and mixologists in the world- all you have to do is know the right door to push.

Retrograde: Located inside “Frozen Matter” Ice Cream store is the illustrious freezer door which opens to a world of delicious cocktails set in a 60’s style cozy bar. What to try? The Concentrated Dark Matter- orange bitters, rock candy, and rye. You can always get a late night scoop of ice cream on your way out too!

Williams + Graham: Disguised as a bookstore, there are only 7 tables in this cozy cocktail emporium. You’re sure to find a drink to fit any palate here and a bonus is the ability to actually carry on a conversation - it’s never too loud! This small space packs a punch with a drink menu that’s both wildly entertaining and innovative. Their food offerings are also well curated, perfect to help those adjusting to the altitude when drinking.

Green Russell: I’m a true sucker for the 1920’s - and this is one of my favorite “prohibition” themed spots in town. The Green Russell is a true throwback to the roaring decade - designed by Denver Restaurateur Frank Bonanno. GR makes you feel like you’ll need to run for the hills with your contraband cocktail if someone yells that the cops are at the door. To join in the reverie with the flappers and sheiks, head to Larimer Square, just two blocks from the hotel, and follow the signs that point to a door for “Wednesday’s Pies” by Russell’s Steakhouse. Tell the pie stand server that you’re there for the hooch and you’ll be escorted back in time. What to try? This is where I like to let the mixologist do their art. Tell them your base alcohol, and in no time they will mix something sure to have you doing the Charleston.