Colorado History Museum is super fun and a great chance to learn about our wonderful state! It’s located about a mile-and-a-half away from Hotel Teatro- which means hotel guests can catch a ride in our hotel car , at no charge. In the summer, it also make for a great walk. The Denver Art Museum is equally as cool, and right across the street. One thing on my bucket list that I haven’t done is exploring Glenwood Canyon, but it’s definitely on my things to do list! Visitors can take the train from Denver to Glenwood to view the Glenwood Canyon from the train. - Suzanne Gray, Hotel Manager

My list is so long, some things I have done but a lot of things I haven’t! The Great Sand Dunes - it’s about a four hour trek from Downtown Denver and makes for a long day trek, but the site is truly remarkable. History buffs will also love both the Buffalo Bill Museum in Golden and visiting the U.S Mint, right downtown. Tiny Town is a must for families visiting! - Rachel Fisher, Catering and Conference Services Manager

I’m quite the explorer but one thing we haven’t done is Swing Dancing at Mercury Cafe! They offer a variety of class options including beginners and intermediate but I really want to check out their Sunday Series which includes lessons on The Charleston, Shim Sham, The Jitterbug and more! This is a great Denver secret, that those visiting really may not know about! - Erica Whyman, Private Dining and Sales Coordinator.

Check back for more staff “bucket list items” soon! Our Front Desk and Concierge can also make more recommendations based on your interests!