Biking in Denver Colorado

October 29, 2019 Hannah Anderson
Biking in Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado is many things and a biking city is one of them. The downtown area is great for casual riders, daily commuters and the serious road masters. The bike lanes are abundant and very well marked. The summer months biking is the preferred way of travel. It’s an activity, it’s exercise and it’s going green. Colorado Natives, new and old, are always looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint. There is not a time when it’s warm out when the Cherry Creek Trail isn’t energetic with people on 2 wheels. The Cherry Creek Trail is the main focal point for cyclists in Denver.

Cherry Creek Trail starts in the heart of LoDo at Confluence Park, the birthplace for the Colorado’s capital. The trail stretches 20 miles of pavement from the north side of the Lower Downtown District to the reservoir in Aurora. This waterside trail is serene and open even with the bustling street traffic overhead. Both walls alongside the water are covered with colorful art. Stimulating your visual senses and previewing some of newest and oldest authentic street art of Colorado’s most populous city.  

A phenomenal aspect of the Cherry Creek Trail is its signage. The sides of the creek are marked to assist pedestrians on which side of the creek allows bicycle’s, which side does not, upcoming curves, the abundance of on and off-ramps. Every couple of blocks there is navigation from the street to the trail, making it easily accessible throughout the 20 miles of flagstone.    

When the sun is shining and you have a free day to explore the city, we highly recommend strolling bikes up and down the Cherry Creek Trail. It’s family loving and a common meeting ground for new friends. There is not much about this stretch of pavement you would not like.  

Denver Trails Map

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