If you’re a recent guest at Hotel Teatro, you’ll no doubt remember the calming scents and luxurious lather of our unique bath products from planTation. Inspired by the rich diversity of tea and its delicate uplifting aromas, each planTation product is formulated with an ethical approach – free from parabens, sulphates, and artificial colors, and containing high quality, naturally derived botanical ingredients and essential oils. planTation was one of the first amenity companies to incorporate the FDA-approved organic additive EcoPure into its bottles, which makes the bottles 100% biodegradable within a vastly reduced period of time when compared to normal plastics. Hotel Teatro is proud to be one of an exclusive group of hotels to feature planTation products.


About planTation

Born from a desire and commitment to create indulgence without compromise to either the quality of the product or the quality of the destination it is found, planTation is a lavish bath and body collection infused with exotic tea fragrances from around the world to refresh and revive you wherever you are in the world. We are committed to the use of the highest quality botanical ingredients and fine essential oils so you can be assured of formulations that are always free from parabens, sulphates or artificial colours. Ecopure, an FDA-approved and 100% organic additive, has been incorporated into our plastic bottles and tubes to ensure they biodegrade quickly and cleanly, and as a company we are currently moving over to soya based inks. Our shower caps are made from corn starch and we continue to explore further opportunities to use this in our production.

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