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Denver Restaurant Guide | Denver Visitors Guide

Our Denver Restaurant Guide offers a brief list of recommendations for some of the best, most memorable Denver Restaurants for you to enjoy on your visit to Denver.  From celebrity chef-ran Denver Restaurants to the newest Restaurants you should not miss, our Denver Restaurant Guide has you covered.

No visit to Denver would be complete without trying out the diverse cuisine options offered by the many diverse restaurants. If you're looking for the Best Steakhouse in Denver, the Best Sushi Restaurant, the newest Celebrity Chef Restaurant, or something totally different, you can be sure to find what you're looking for during your visit.

Need help getting a reservation at a Restaurant or do you have any questions about any of the Denver Restaurants listed in our Visitor's Guide? Please feel free to contact our Concierge Team via Email, or call us at: 303.228.1100.

Denver Restaurants | Denver Dining


Potager opened its doors in 1997 and has been one of the premier Restaurants in Denver ever since. Started by Teri Rippeto and her father, Tom, the duo has tried to things the right way from the beginning. The menu at Potager is designed to show of the finest ingredients available in the local...View details

Denver Restaurants | The Populist

The Populist

The Populist owners Jonathan Power, Noah Price, and Cliff White firmly believe that dining is a communal act. They strive to emphasize this philosophy at every turn, which makes The Populist one of the most, well, popular Denver Restaurants near Hotel Teatro....View details

Restaurants in Denver | Jonesy’s EatBar

Jonesy’s EatBar

Looking for Restaurants in Denver with fantastic food and a great selection of Colorado craft beers? Make your way to Jonesy’s EatBar, located just minutes from Hotel Teatro – a top choice among Downtown Denver Hotels. Jonesy’s EatBar offers more than 30 beer...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Trillium


There are many outstanding Restaurants in Denver near our Denver Accommodations and Trillium is one of the most exceptional. This lively urban bistro is guest service-driven, and it offers outstanding rustic cuisine rooted in American and Scandinavian culinary...View details

Denver Restaurants | Rioja | Denver Hotels


At Restaurants in Downtown Denver like Rioja, diners enjoy cuisine inspired by Mediterranean ingredients and influenced by seasonal products. Rioja features a brunch, lunch, and dinner menu that is innovative and creative, and the ambiance at Rioja is hands-down one of the best near Denver...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Café Aion

Café Aion

There is something beautiful about the Spanish tapa – it’s delightfully simply, purely prepared, and straightforward in its preparation. Café Aion has taken what’s developed over centuries in the homes, taverns, and farms of Spain and cultivated the tradition in its own magnificent way. They’ve...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Cafébar


Cafébar hopes to reinvent the classic American café, and so far it’s achieving this task brilliantly. Cafébar is one of the top Restaurants in Denver near Hotel Teatro – a centrally-located Hotel in Denver that’s close to many great places for dining in the Mile...View details

Denver Restaurants | Native Foods Cafe

Native Foods Cafe

Native Foods Café has brought hand-crafted, plant-based cuisine to the United States since 1994, starting with its first restaurant in Palm Springs, California. The chain now offers its healthy and delightfully-tasting cuisine to Denver residents and locals with 2 Denver Restaurants...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Root Down | Denver Hotels

Root Down

If you’re looking for Denver Restaurants that provides a seamless bond between the Denver community and the food served, consider dining at Root Down. Root Down gets to the “Roots of Flavor” and the Denver experience. It aims to connect the neighborhood and a dining occasion in the same way...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Twelve Restaurant | Denver Hotel

Twelve Restaurant

One of the most fresh and innovative Denver Restaurants, Twelve features a menu that changes each month, as its name implies. Each time you visit Twelve, you will likely be able to dine on a new dish and have a completely unique experience. Twelve Restaurant is definitely a top...View details

Denver Restaurants | Central Bistro & Bar

Central Bistro & Bar

Central Bistro & Bar has one goal – to be a true American restaurant. Among all of the Denver Restaurants near our Hotel in Denver, we think that Central Bistro & Bar is one of the best representations of what that ideal is. Central Bistro & Bar...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Sputnik


Many of our Hotel Guests ask us to recommend Restaurants in Denver that not only serve sensational-tasting food but food that is good for people and the planet. While there are certainly many great Restaurants in Denver to choose from near Hotel Teatro, we love...View details

Denver Restaurants | The Kitchen | Denver Things to Do

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is one of those Denver Restaurants, and restaurants in general, that makes you feed good about sitting down to a meal. The Kitchen’s philosophy says that gathering around the table, and sharing good food and drink, is what connects family, friends, and a community. From the moment...View details

Restaurants in Downtown Denver | Duo | Denver Dining


Duo is a farm-to-table restaurant offering seasonal, contemporary American cuisine in one of Denver’s hippest neighborhoods – Highland. The relaxed and unassuming setting at Duo is part of what makes it one of the top Restaurants in Denver, along with an outstanding menu that...View details

Restaurants in Denver  | Black Cat Bistro

Black Cat Bistro

Since Black Cat Bistro opened in 2002, it has been one of the top Restaurants in Denver serving farm-to-table fare. Chef-owner Deborah Scarborough brings her passion for creating innovative food to every dish. The menu changes often and it always offers tremendously selections for fine dining...View details

Denver Restaurants | The Squeaky Bean

The Squeaky Bean

The Squeaky Bean calls itself a “veritable feast for the senses,” and we agree that it’s one of the Restaurants in Denver that delights more than just the palate. The Squeaky Bean opened in 2009, taking root in a charming storefront near Hotel Teatro on 33rd and...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Snooze


Snooze is all about the morning meal. It is a self-professed “a.m. eatery” that promises to “re-energize the way you think, feel, and ultimately eat breakfast. At Snooze, you’ll enjoy a menu filled with incredible dishes crafted from scratch – just moments from our Denver Accommodations...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Vine Street Pub & Brewery

Vine Street Pub & Brewery

In April 2008, the Mountain Sun restaurant group opened up a new pub in the Uptown neighborhood of Denver, an addition to an already successful chain of pubs, which were some of the top Restaurants in Denver. Vine Street Pub was birthed with much acclaim, and it became one of...View details

Denver Restaurants | Lao Wang Noodle House

Lao Wang Noodle House

Sometimes, the best way to get a feel for a city you’re visiting is to frequent the restaurants that the locals love. When you visit Denver, ask around for resident-recommended Denver Restaurants and you’ll quickly find that Lao Wang Noodle House is one of the top Denver...View details

Denver Restaurants | Queen of Sheeba

Queen of Sheeba

Situated on East Colfax Avenue, Queen of Sheeba is a finger-food paradise and one the oldest purveyors of Ethiopian food near our Downtown Denver Hotel. The restaurant is quite possibly one of the best Denver Restaurants of any kind, no matter the cuisine, and a...View details

Denver Restaurants | Sushi Sasa | Denver Hotels

Sushi Sasa

Sushi Sasa was awarded Best Sushi Restaurant by Westword, The Rocky Mountain News, and CitySearch – all within just 1 year of opening! Sushi Sasa is one of the 1,500 restaurants to be featured in the Zagat review of top American Restaurants. Gabby Gourmet lists Sushi Sasa as one of the only...View details

Denver Restaurants | Tocabe American Indian Eatery

Tocabe American Indian Eatery

Tocabe American Indian Eatery is not only one of the top Denver Restaurants; it’s the only Native American Restaurant in metro Denver. Tocabe brings a new and exciting dining concept to the Denver community near Denver Hotels like Hotel Teatro. This eatery...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza

Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza

The owners of Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza near our Hotel in Denver know from experience that there’s nothing more satisfying than the first bite of a great pizza. Marco’s is one of the Restaurants in Denver near our Denver Accommodations that gets the act of eating...View details

Denver Restaurants | Frasca Food and Wine

Frasca Food and Wine

Frasca Food and Wine is the creation of Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey and Chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, a duo who share a passion for Friuli-Venezia Giulian cuisine and fine wine. Together, they brilliantly translate their loves into an exquisitely-prepared menu, which features gourmet fare...View details

Denver Restaurants | TAG


Chef-owner Troy Guard uses fresh, local ingredients at TAG to present a wonderful, cross-culinary adventure in dining. Guard offers up playful cuisine, which he describes as Continental Social Food. He melds classic and contemporary styles to create an innovative menu that just happens to be...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Village Cork

Village Cork

Village Cork – A Wine Bistro is one of the loveliest Restaurants in Denver near our Denver Accommodations. This eatery offers a relaxed, enjoyable environment in which dining on the season’s freshest fare is a true celebration of the Denver region. Delightful...View details

Denver Restaurants | Los Carboncitos

Los Carboncitos

Want to know where to get great Mexican food in Denver? Try Los Carboncitos near our Denver Hotel. Los Carboncitos is one of the best Denver Restaurants to indulge in real Mexican Food – like they make in Mexico City! Everything at Los Carboncitos is prepared from scratch in the...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Bittersweet


Bittersweet is a fabulous eatery that represents the hard work and dreams of owners Melissa and Olav, a couple who wanted to create a space for enjoying a beautiful relationship with food and their guests.View details

Restaurants in Denver | Zengo


If you’re looking for Restaurants in Denver near our Denver Accommodations that feature the region’s finest ingredients, consider Zengo for your next meal. Situated just moments from our Hotel in Denver, Zengo features the cuisine of chef-owner...View details

Denver Restaurants | Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion

If you’re looking for Denver Restaurants that offer casual dining near our Denver Hotel, with a focus on organic, healthy, and taste-bud-tempting cuisine, put Pizza Fusion on your “must-try” list. Pizza Fusion is one of the Denver Restaurants near our Denver...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Watercourse Foods

Watercourse Foods

Watercourse Foods asks diners to choose the path of least resistance. This 100% plant-based restaurant has won over the hearts and stomachs of people from all types of dietary backgrounds. The eatery strives to provide an environment that honors patrons as well as the environment, and it does it...View details

Denver Restaurants | Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Lotus Vegetarian is one of the top Denver Restaurants because it combines healthy food and exquisite flavors, in a family-friendly environment near our Denver Hotel. Lotus serves meals made with the freshest organic produce, which is prepared and seasoned with...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Vert Kitchen

Vert Kitchen

Vert Kitchen offers real cooking and healthy eating near our Downtown Denver Hotel. The chefs at Vert are inspired by old-world flavors and a slow food philosophy. They bring passion for French food and skills in preparing the cuisine to one of the best Denver Restaurants near...View details

Denver Restaurants | Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

Boulder is an exciting city filled with wonderful eateries that can act as an extension to your “must-try” list of Denver Restaurants. Thankfully, Boulder is just minutes from our Denver Hotel and we’re certain that you’ll find a fantastic selection of places to...View details

Restaurants in Denver | True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen

True, there are some die-hard yogis who dine at Restaurants in Denver like True Food Kitchen, but this Denver Restaurant is for everybody. Our Accommodations in Denver are close to so many great Denver Restaurants. True Food Kitchen, however, is...View details

Denver Restaurants | Domo Restaurant

Domo Restaurant

Not only is Domo Restaurant one of the top Denver Restaurants, it is critically acclaimed nationwide. Domo Restaurant was chosen by Zagat Survey in 2001 as the 5th top Japanese Restaurant in the United States and it was selected #1 in the country for décor. There have only been...View details

Restaurants in Denver  | Acorn


One of the most exciting Restaurants in Denver is Acorn, a unique and eclectic bar and grill in the River North District – just minutes from our Denver Accommodations.View details

Restaurants in Denver | City, O’ City

City, O’ City

The breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus at City, O’ City offer options for most kinds of diners, including those following vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free eating plans. We think you’ll find the dishes at City, O’ City simply amazing, and some of the best food of any kind among all...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Kaos Pizzeria

Kaos Pizzeria

Kaos Pizzeria one of the best Restaurants in Denver to dine at if you’re looking for casual fare that tastes absolutely fabulous. Kaos specializes in true Southern Italian Naples-styled pizza, which is prepared in wood-fired ovens and is much more than your average pie. There...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Beatrice and Woodsley

Beatrice and Woodsley

Beatrice and Woodsley wants restaurant patrons to remember that everyone has to eat, but some choose to dine. This exciting eatery is located between the wilderness of the forest and the solitude of the city - just moments from Denver Hotels like Hotel Teatro....View details

Denver Restaurants | Table 6

Table 6

At Table 6, chef Carrie Shores prepares simple dishes that are delivered with elegant style and grace. A dynamic wine list curated by owner-sommelier Aaron Fornan compliments Shores’ cuisine, making Table 6 one of the most acclaimed Denver Restaurants near Downtown...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the Mountain

Looking for Denver Restaurants that celebrate Happy Hour every day? Step into Fire on the Mountain near our Denver Hotel. Dining here is one of the top Things to do in Denver for many of our Guests. This casual, laid-back eatery started in Portland, Oregon in...View details

Dining in Denver | Downtown Denver Restaurants

Elway’s Downtown

Elway’s is one of the top Denver Restaurants located in Downtown Denver. Dining at this fun eatery is one of the top Denver Things to Do for many of our Downtown Denver Hotel Guests who want to experience a piece of what NFL Pro Football legend John Elway has created in the culinary world.View details

Denver Restaurants | Panzano


Panzano Chef Elise Wiggins’ cuisine lives up to the Italian motto, “chi mangia bene, vive bene,” which means “Those who eat well, live well.” As do many Denver Restaurants, Panzano focuses on sustainable, local, seasonal, and organic ingredients. Panzano is one of the top...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Il Posto

Il Posto

The long-anticipated opening of Il Posto finally brought chef-owner Andrea Frizzi’s dream to life near our Downtown Denver Hotel, when the Il Posto opened its doors in the old Darios space just minutes from Hotel Teatro.View details

Restaurants in Denver | ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro

ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro

Chef Lon Symensma of ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro near our Hotel in Denver began his food journey at a young age. In 1996, after winning a silver medal at The Culinary Olympics, he enrolled at The Culinary Institute of America. He graduated with honors and spent a year...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Denver Hotels

Fruition Restaurant

Fruition is one of the most impressive Denver Restaurants that we can recommend near Denver Hotels like Hotel Teatro, as it’s ranked No. 1 for Food in Denver and has a menu that reads like a food-lover’s romance novel. Farmer-chef Alex Seidel brings his vision for New American cuisine to life...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Izakaya Den

Izakaya Den

Izakaya Den is an acclaimed Japanese gastro pub offering a wonderful selection of global cuisine on famous South Pearl Street, near our Hotel in Denver. Izakaya Den is the second restaurant from the founder of Sushi Den, one of the top Restaurants in Denver that also close to...View details

Denver Restaurants | TAG Raw Bar

TAG Raw Bar

TAG Raw Bar is all about energy, emotion, talent, and passion – as the Denver Restaurant’s motto goes. TAG Raw Bar is definitely a favorite among Guests at our Denver Hotel and dining there is one of Denver locals’ favorite Things to do in Denver...View details

Restaurants in Denver | Osteria Marco

Osteria Marco

Definition of osteria – A humble restaurant where friends gather to casually enjoy their wine with food. Osteria Marco is just that. One of the most humble and welcoming Restaurants in Denver where Denver visitors and residents can join in each others’ company – all in the name...View details

Denver Restaurants | Linger | Denver Dining


Once in a while you come across restaurants on your travels that are simply exceptional; stunning places to “linger” over your meal and revel in the ambiance, flavors, and company of good friends or family. Denver Restaurants like Linger offer just that - incredible opportunities sit for as long...View details

Denver Restaurants | Pho 95

Pho 95

Wondering what the “95” means in Pho 95? It’s the year that the Denver Restaurant’s owners moved to the United States, and it’s an inspiring symbol that means a lot to their entire family. Pho 95 is all about family. When you enter this Denver Restaurant you’re...View details

Denver Restaurants | Euclid Hall

Euclid Hall

Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen is the third restaurant from Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch, owners of Denver Restaurants Rioja and Bistro Vendome. Located around the corner from Rioja, and close to our Downtown Denver Hotel, Euclid Hall occupies a beautiful...View details

Denver Restaurants | Fuel Cafe

Fuel Cafe

Fuel is one of the Restaurants in Denver that changes its monthly menu according to the fluctuating seasons and at the whim of the freshest produce available at the time. Fuel is one of the top eateries near Hotel Teatro because it consistently provides its guests with excellent...View details

Denver Restaurants | Mizuna | Denver Things to Do


Mizuna is only open for dinner, but this Denver Restaurant’s chefs wake up with the sun to begin preparation on their exquisite dishes. They start kneading yeasty doughs and slicing the juicy hearts of ripe vegetables. They sample herbs and produce from local vendors like The Truffle, Verde...View details

Denver Restaurants | Tables


It seems as though almost every day there are new Denver Restaurants opening up. Some stick around for a while and some are gone before you know it. Tables is one of the Denver Restaurants near our Downtown Denver Hotel that we think will...View details

Denver Restaurants | Spuntino


Spuntino (pronounced “spoon’tino”) is one of the more charming neighborhood Denver Restaurants you’ll find near downtown Denver Hotels like Hotel Teatro. This eatery is clearly-inspired by the cuisine of Italy, and it brings a bustling energy to the Highlands...View details

Denver Restaurants | OAK at Fourteenth

OAK at Fourteenth

OAK at Fourteenth melds elements of Colorado’s rustic backdrop with Boulder’s trendy and contemporary dining scene. There are so many Denver Restaurants near Hotel Teatro that we recommend you try, but there are also exquisite eateries like OAK at Fourteenth in...View details

Denver Restaurants | Denver Hotels

Sushi Den

Sushi Den is regarded as one of the premier Sushi Bars and Japanese Restaurants in Denver, excellently serving the Denver community for the past 28 years. In fact, Sushi Den is one of the top Sushi restaurants in the United States, as it continually raises the bar and sets the standard for high-...View details

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