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Denver Attractions | Denver Mountain Parks

Guests at Teatro Hotel love the many outdoor Denver Things to Do. Denver Attractions like Denver Mountain Parks draw visitors to our Hotel in Denver throughout the year.

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About Denver Mountain Parks:
Visiting Denver Mountain Parks has been one of the most fun Denver Things to Do for residents and visitors for more than 100 years. These fantastic mile-high parks are always some of the top Denver Attractions that our Hotel Guests enjoy while they’re staying with us, offering fabulous experiences that generations of Denver families and locals have enjoyed throughout the years.

At Denver Mountain Parks, you’re encouraged to get outdoors and play. Denver is a great place to share in the magnificent dream of being one with nature – hiking, biking, walking, riding, or running your way through 23 accessible Parks and 24 Conservation areas that total 14,000 acres.

There are many Denver Mountain parks near Hotels in Denver like Hotel Teatro, which sits in exciting Downtown Denver but just moments from the open wilderness in Denver too. Denver Mountain Parks comprise one of the most expansive and unique park systems in the West, with all of the Parks located outside of Denver city limits but easily approachable from 4 counties.

Why You Should Visit Denver Mountain Parks:
When you visit the different Denver Mountain Parks near Hotels in Denver like Hotel Teatro, you’ll traverse across land that ranges from 6,000 feet to more than 13,000 feet. You can enjoy world-class concerts at Red Rocks and hear music in an amphitheater carved out of 300-million-year-old sandstone. Spend the day skiing at the international resort at Winter Park or explore important historic sites like Lookout Mountain, the final resting place of Buffalo Bill Cody.

Tips for Visiting Denver Mountain Parks:

  • Call the Denver Mountain Parks Ranger or ask our friendly Concierge about Activities in Denver that take place at Denver Mountain Parks like Bergen, Corwina, Daniels, Dedisse, Echo Lake, Fillius, Genesse, Little, Lookout Mountain, O’Fallon, Pence, Red Rocks, and Summit Lake.
  • Denver Attractions like the Mountain Parks were established to provide scenic outings close to home for Denver area residents, and picnics quickly became one of the most popular activities with park visitors. Picnicking is still a favorite pastime, especially in picnic parks like Little Park, Corwina, O’Fallon, and Pence Park.
  • Hike for miles on beautiful trails throughout the Denver Mountain Park system. Some of the popular trails are Beaver Brook, Bear Creek, Lookout Mountain and Red Rocks to name a few. The following Parks near Hotels in Denver like Hotel Teatro have hiking trails: Alderfer / Three Sisters Park (boarders Dedisse Park), Bergen Park, Corwina Park, Dedisse Park, Echo Lake Park, Fillius Park, Genesee Park, Little Park, Lookout Mountain Park, Matthews / Winters Park, Pence Park Pioneer Trail, Red Rocks Park Area.

Type of Attraction: Outdoors, Recreation

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