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Things to Do in Denver | Enjoy a Backcountry Powder Day

If you’re staying at our Denver Hotel then you should consider enjoying some of the best outdoor Denver Things to Do. Enjoying a backcountry powder day is one example of the Activities you’ll find near our Denver Accommodations.

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About Enjoying a Backcountry Powder Day:
Our Denver Hotel certainly sees many Guests who are visiting Denver to ski or snowboard. While there are plenty of incredible places for skiing and snowboarding in Denver, such as Loveland Ski area, many snow enthusiasts want to experience Colorado’s Backcountry – beautiful, rugged, and remote land that is picturesque, adventurous, and sometimes dangerous.

It’s usually the seasoned riders who tell us they want to enjoy a Backcountry Powder Day. While hitting the slopes is one of the top Denver Things to Do, it takes a certain level of skill to navigate and successfully make it through Backcountry Powder. We’re always impressed by our Guests who take off into the Backcountry for day trips in pristine, stunning conditions that movies are made of. Of course, we’re just as happy to welcome these Guests back home to our Denver Hotel after their adventure, with warm, cozy Denver Accommodations and friendly a staff who is on hand to attend to their needs.

Colorado’s Backcountry Powder offers the opportunity to explore a not-so-far-away space that seems like it’s another world. It seems strange that this remote place is relatively close to our Denver Hotel, but we’re glad that it is. You’re probably in for the time of your life when you ski or snowboard Colorado’s Backcountry Powder, but make sure that you plan appropriately and know everything about the area you’re heading to before you venture off for your day of Backcountry Powder fun.

Why You Should Enjoy a Backcountry Powder Day:
While some of the Colorado Backcountry Powder terrain eventually evolved into ski resorts after it’s early days as 1860’s-era mining country, much of it remains untouched and uncharted. Skiers and snowboarders who have done the usual resorts a couple hundred times typically get the Backcountry Powder bug at some point or another, and they do whatever it takes to get out onto the gorgeous Backcountry snow at least once.

The road less travelled usually leads to the most thrilling experiences in Colorado’s Backcountry, which is why Backcountry Powder Days are some of the most exciting Denver Things to Do among our Hotel Guests. If you’re yearning for the Backcountry, Colorado has many options for you that sit just moments from our Denver Hotel. Arapahoe Basin is one of the most popular areas for Backcountry Powder, and there are dozens of other great spots that are mostly found along the Front Range Mountain passes.

Tips for Enjoying a Backcountry Powder Day:

  • Sometimes skiers and snowboarders become spoiled with the facilities at ski resorts, so keep in mind that in the Backcountry, you’ll pretty much be on your own when it comes to hiking up slopes, navigating your way around, and staying safe.
  • Before you go off on a Backcountry Powder Day, take a solid amount of time to plan, get educated, and obtain the proper equipment. Also, keep a watch on avalanche forecasts and storm cycles so that your epic Backcountry experience will be just that.
  • Backcountry Powder skiing sees a mix of people hit the terrain, some who know what they’re doing and some that don’t. Keep this in mind and take it upon yourself to stay safe. The safer and more prepared you are, the better for your group and those around you.
  • You’ll be skiing or snowboarding at elevations above 9,000 feet in Backcountry Powder, so make sure that you are at a fitness level that will handle the demands of this type of activity. The ability to ride all types of terrain is essential, under any conditions.
  • Keep the phone number for our Denver Accommodation with you as you travel into Backcountry Powder. As long as cell service is available, we’re happy to help to find your way to the Interstate exits that you’ll need.

Type of Activity: Outdoors, Recreation

Backcountry Powder Locations and Contact Information:
Backcountry Powder areas are located throughout Colorado

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