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Dining out is a popular Activity in Denver, and many chef-owned Denver Restaurants are located near our Accommodations in Denver.

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Dining at Chef-Owned Restaurants in Denver:
Denver has more than its share of celebrity chefs. In fact, talk about food to anyone that knows anything about Denver and you’ll quickly find that Dining at Chef-Owned Restaurants in Denver is one of the most popular Activities in Denver. It’s right up there with watching Colorado Rockies and Denver Broncos games, hiking the Front Range, and skiing, and it’s one of the top Denver Things to Do with our Hotel Guests throughout the year.

Everybody loves a great meal, and when you can dine at Denver Restaurants that are run by famous chefs that you’ve heard of on Food Network and other media outlets, it’s more than an exciting experience. The names that go along with the top Chef-Owned Denver Restaurants are well known across the Denver community, and in many instances they are known nationwide as well.

Near our Accommodations in Denver, you’ll be able to dine at more than a dozen Chef-Owned Denver Restaurants alone, so come visit our friendly Concierge and get some great recommendations for outstanding brunch, lunch, and dinner destinations while you’re staying at our Denver Hotel.

Why You Should Dine at a Chef-Owned Restaurant in Denver:
Dining at Chef-Owned Denver Restaurants allows you to experience dining as it should be, with masters of their craft producing exquisite meals like you’ve seen on TV – beautifully prepared, made with the season’s finest ingredients, and set in atmospheres that seem more like staged venues than typical restaurants.

The following are a couple of our favorite Chef-Owned Denver Restaurants close to our Accommodations in Denver:
Kevin Taylor – Kevin Taylor is an absolute expert when it comes to making small portions so incredible that you want to preserve each dainty bite. After all, why not try to make the impeccable colors and flavors last as long as you can? Some of the best dishes of all Denver Restaurants end up on the tables at Kevin Taylor.

Borolo – Borolo owner, Blair Taylor, along with Executive Chef, Brian Laird, opened their magical Denver Restaurant in 1992 and it quickly became one of the top Denver Restaurants. Today, Taylor and wine director Ryan Fletter keep Borolo at the top of the list of first-rate Denver Restaurants by serving authentic northern Italian fare (they call it modern Piemontese cuisine) and Earth-friendly wines from family wineries. If you’re looking for romantic Activities in Denver, consider dining at Borolo and sitting down to a magnificent entrée with service that is simply extraordinary. Everything about Borolo makes patrons want to to linger a bit, conversing over a locally-made dish and relaxing with a smart glass of small-batch wine.

Tips for Dining at a Chef-Owned Restaurant in Denver:

  • Denver is a hub for Chef-Owned Restaurants, which means waiting lists can sometimes be long. Make sure you call in to see if the Chef-Owned Denver Restaurants you want to dine at require reservations in advance.
  • Most of the Chef-Owned Denver Restaurants showcase innovative, cutting-edge food and culinary talent. Be prepared to try new flavors, textures, and presentations, but know that most of these restaurants receive “thumbs up” from the locals and Denver visitors that dine there.
  • Many Chef-Owned Denver Restaurants are upscale eateries, so dress to impress unless you know the restaurant is casual.

Type of Activity: Dining

Locations and Contact Information for 2 popular Chef-Owned Denver Restaurants:
Restaurant Kevin Taylor
1106 14th Street, Denver, CO 80202
Tel: 303.820.2600

Barolo Grill
3030 East 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80206
Tel: 303.393.1040

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